Choosing The Right Metal Clay Kiln For Your Studio

Budding artists, you have a reason to rejoice. If you are contemplating on a metal clay kilns for your studio, has interesting DIY videos and within your budget. How should you go about choosing a kiln for your studio?

Take cues from these ideas that will help you buy the best kiln for jewellery making.

· Decide Its Usage
Don’t just say jewellery making. There is a broad range of small kilns at the best prices. To find out which kiln is best for your studio, decide the type of projects that you will undertake. Are you designing fancy jewellery? Or fusing enamels for to create a pretty table top design?

Take help from the kiln comparison chart that will help you make informed choices. Details about the kiln, hidden costs and in-depth usage of the kiln are mentioned for your use. This way you can narrow down your kiln choices and read more about the kilns you are interested in.

· Overview Of Each Kiln
There are a variety of metal kilns each with a use of its own.

The Paragon SC model is exclusively designed for any work that involves metal clay, enamels and glass objects. You can choose from three different sizes- SC1, SC2 and SC3. The difference between these models is the size of the inner firebox.

Firebox Sizes
The SC1 is 6” wide and 3” deep and can accommodate a single shelf. For larger sizes, you can choose the SC2 or SC3 that can hold two and three shelves respectively.

The SC2 and SC3 types have an optional viewport to keep an eye on glasses and enamel. It also comes with a bead door that opens from the front. This permits loading and removing the beads with ease. All the SC kilns are programmable which means you can set the desired temperature for proper firing.

Porcelain cannot be used in these hot kilns that heat to a temperature of nearly 2000 degree F.

· Paragon Caldera Model
This multi-purpose programmable kiln heats up to 2350 F. It is designed with glass and can be loaded from the top. There is extra space to place the removable lid when the kiln turns hot. An optional bead collar helps anneal glass by placing them through the bead door. In case you want to monitor the glass inside, look through the Viewport Lid.

Since the Caldera is solely a brick kiln, avoid travelling with this kiln.

· Firefly kiln- similar to the Caldera- can accommodate only a single shelf for firing. It is designed if you wish to fire enamels, fuse glass and other ceramic works. This top-loading kiln has a hinged lid and is completely programmable.
· Home Artist Kiln has plenty of interior space amongst all the other models. There is a circular chamber for heating things and is compatible with china paintings, raku and other forms of glass works. The highest temperature that can be reached by the kiln is 2000 degree F. If you intend to use this at your home studio, make sure that the clay does not require higher than 2000F.

Decide whether you want kilns with a Bead Door and a Viewport; a top or front load kiln or whether you want to move them regularly. With these details finding the right model will be an easy task.