The Best Trendy Linen Overalls

1-tops-and-t-shirts-spring-summer-2015This article is about an outfit which is a kindergarten turned grown-up staple called overalls. From the classis denim to the dressier version and from the typical buckle straps to the trendy knots and buttons, overalls are a hit for any body shape and exudes a bit of classic elegance. We find so many varieties popping up all over the internet that it becomes very difficult to choose the right type of overall. To keep ourselves updated according to the latest fashion, popular website, has suggested buyers to go online and shop to select clothes with the vintage look like that offered by a lovely pair of linen overalls.

Here are some tips and shopping guides to help you jump-start your journey on this latest fashion trend. Remember to mix and match the parts that fit your tastes until you find your perfect pair.

The Plain Straps
The typical buckle strap is classic, but at times it can look too casual. The good thing about strapped overalls is they are adjustable to a variety of heights and torso sizes. Straps without any added bulk or accompaniments can look more polished while tied straps have more of a classic look.
The Buckle Straps
This is the classic buckle and clasp type. It might look childish at times. However, they look great for the petite or tall frames who may need to adjust straps for length and there’s no denying that this is the classic overall look, perfect with a stripped tee or a simple turtle-neck for that effortless street-style look.
The Knot Strap
These are the usual types of buckle straps available and with this variation the straps become easily adjustable and visually interesting. Pair it up with a beautiful slouchy tee and flat sandal to complete the casual suave look.
The Full Bib
This is a cool and improvised form of overalls, and the best thing about a full bib is that you don’t necessarily have to wear a shirt underneath. This is probably the most versatile type of overalls as it is not open at the sides thereby fully covering the chest. It can be worn solo or over your sleek tee or the turtleneck.
The Linen Overall
The linen overall is ideal for vacations and a scorching summer. It can be paired with a bottleneck T-shirt and a comfortable pair of sandals.
The Silk Overall
This silky, flowy overall can trick people into thinking you are wearing a pinafore dress. It looks best when paired with a buttoned-up oxford shirt. To get the professional look the silk overall is the best as it doesn’t cling to the body and is less rigid than an average denim.
The Lace Overall
Play up your romantic side with a pair of lace overalls that makes a cute but unexpected statement. Be warned, it is a girly-girly type, so don’t overdo it with styling and too many accessories.
The Shorts Overall
Combine a lightweight fabric with a short length T-shirt and you have got a faultless and cool overall for a sizzling summer. They look great with a summery wedge or your favourite pair of chunks.
Look no further, these trendy Overalls are set to turn your days around.